Third Party Audit Services

Third Party Audit Services

Certification to international standards is possible only with proficient knowledge about the standard and its implementation. And the process is very tedious where Certification bodies and regulations are always unconvinced. Moreover compliance is chaotic as it requires necessary documentation, reviews, training and pre-assessment process.
MAXIMEDGE TECHNOLOGY AND CONSULTING LTD is a global organization offering third party audit services to its customers helping to achieve international certifications. As a trusted partner, we go beyond certification and educate our customers to witness continual improvement of their business.

Pipe Lines Field Inspection.

MAXIMEDGE and her partners offers Industrial inspections as an Independent Third Party Organization [Third Party Inspection Body (TPI)] for Pipe Lines construction, destinated to operate in Low, Medium and High Pressure working conditions. Inspection services are developed with Checks & Controls as well as Witness, during construction activities according the approved Inspection and Test Plan [ITP]


Lifting Equipment Inspection.

Lifting Equipment requires compliance with the technical standards at all construction and operation phases, in order to ensure that the facilities and equipment are suitable for use, and to safeguard the project insurance conditions, as indicated by the insurance companies.


Welding Inspection Services.

The welding process certification (WPQR) demonstrates the ability of a manufacturer to produce concrete seams that meet the construction quality requirements. Through the process certification (WPQR) the most successful option is determined: Method, Materials, Configuration, ETC


Photo Voltaic Inspection and Certification

The Certification of PV facilities from a third independent body arises from thenecessity for checking if: The studies of construction, operation and performance of the installation have applied bythe manufacturer. The current specifications, technical guidelines and standards, which ensure the required levels of performance and security of investment have been applied


Civil Constructions Quality Services.

Our organization conducts Inspections of all types of Civil Constructions, regardless the project’s size, in specific of building works as well as electromechanical works of every public or private sector Constructional activities, under the Owner’s or Contractor assignment.


Due Diligence, Appraisal and Evaluation.

The Company adopts International practices and Standards in conducting in-depth Appraisal studies, Audits and Estimations of current value, Due Diligence, assuring accuracy of present value estimation, independency and trasparency, for Buildings, Facilities and Equipment [Electrical / Mechanical / Software / Know-How].

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