Acquire PROFESSIONAL training and obtain Internationally recoganized profestional certificates that will Increase

JOB opportunities and INCREASE your chances of

Securing your dream JOB, promotion and enable you maximize productivity

We have been authorized to represent CIMT College as an Education ,Recruitment And Training partner in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Agent ID: 3509

Do you desire to advance your career or train employees to improve PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY, and MAXIMIZE PROFITS? Acquire professional training and obtain internationally recognized professional certificates that will increase JOB OPPORTUNITIES and increase your chances of securing your dream job, promotion improve productivity, efficiency, and maximize profits?


  • Affordable tuition fee and living cost
  • Up to 3 years stay back option
  • Opportunity to apply for PR
  • High Visa sucess rate
  • Globally recorganized degrees
  • Living standards among the highest in the world
  • Opportunity to work while studying

Diploma | UG | PGD | Bsc | MBA | MSC | Phd


Participant selects the prefered courses from prefered courses category, We will provide them with all relevant details