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Youth unemployment is becoming an increasingly troublesome issue in many parts of the world. In Nigeria, it has become one of the most serious socio- economic problems confronting the country. The magnitude of this can be appreciated if accurate statistics could be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Statistics on the number of unemployed youths roaming the streets of Nigerian cities. However, Awogbenle and Iwuamadi (2010) observed from the excerpts of statistics obtained from the National Manpower Board and Federal Bureau of Statistics showed that Nigeria has a youth population of eighty (80) million representing 60 percent of the total population of the country. Sixty four (64) million of them are unemployed while one million six hundred thousand (1.6 million) are underemployed. Unemployment has become a major problem bedeviling the lives of Nigerian youth causing frustration, dejection and dependency on family members and friends, who also have their own problems to contend with. The high rate of unemployment among the youths in Nigeria has contributed to the high rate of poverty and insecurity in the country. Unemployment is worldwide economic problem, causing poverty and lack

these training is only availabble forNYSC members, students, church and NGO Partnership

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Do you desire to advance your career or train employees to improve PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY, and MAXIMIZE PROFITS? Acquire professional training and obtain internationally recognized professional certificates that will increase JOB OPPORTUNITIES and increase your chances of securing your dream job, promotion improve productivity, efficiency, and maximize profits?


  • Obtain Internationally recoganized certification at the end of the training
  • First 10 Participants who choose five (5) courses and make complete payment on or before the commencement day of the training will get additional 10% of the total amount
  • Online participants who choose up 45 courses and makes complete payment on or before the commencement day of the training will get 1.5G Data subscription for free
  • Job Recommendation & Assistance: Recommendation for employment when job opportunities comes out Job updates in their telegram. Recommendation letter for internship placement on demand. Career mentorship on demand.
  • Assistance to register as a professional member
  • Additional 10% Discount for group/staff training above 10 candidates
  • Training is open to professionals, students , corps members etc


  • Graduates (B. Eng, BA, B. Tech, Bsc, NCE, OND, HND, etc.)
  • Those that want to work or are already working in Oil & Gas Offshore & Onshore, Engineering companies, Manufacturing, Marine & Logistics, IT companies, Hospitals & Health Outfits, Schools and Hotels, those that want to build a career in HSE Management and HSE Consultancy.
  • Anyone who wants to work as a Quality Management Officer, Supervisor, Manager, Auditor etc.
  • Everyone seeking a certification to secure employment into the Oil and Gas industry and other allied industries
  • Anyone who wants to engage in management and Administrative jobs
  • Everyone interest in building new career pathway
  • those seeking for new employement opportunities or promotion


Participant selects the prefered courses from prefered courses category and pay certificate procesing fee as DISCOUNTED above. Candidate are to fill the registeration form below and pay applicable fee


Participant selects 1 – 4 prefered courses from from the list of professional courses provided below.